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Air Compressor

Doosan Portable Power has a full range of portable air compressors from 185 to 1600 cfm at 100 to 500 psi. These durable, rugged and versatile compressors from Doosan are rigorously tested to ensure they perform in the harshest conditions. Doosan Portable Power air compressors also have the most options available in the market so you can customize your equipment to fit your needs.


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XHP750WCAT-T3 Air Compressor     

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XHP1170WCAT-T3 Air Compressor



Diesel powered generators are used wherever there is a need for electrical power, in areas where the public grid supply is not available, not enough powerful or even unreliable. At Doosan Portable Power we design generators for prime power production, supporting temporary or extended needs. Reliability, durability, flexibility and accessibility are key drivers of our new product developments.


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G150 EU Stage IIIA Generator

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G200 EU Stage IIIA Generator

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G400 EU Stage IIIA Generator


Light Tower

Doosan Portable Power offers a full line of light towers that are built with professional-grade reliability and durability while meeting your illumination needs: special events, road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, general construction, oil and gas work.


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LSC 50 / 60 Hz– T4

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L6WKUB-60HZ-T4F Light Tower

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L8WKUB-60HZ-T4F Light Tower


Genuine Spare Parts

Doosan Portable Power is your source for high quality genuine aftermarket parts, filters and lubricants. Our catalog spans over 35,000 individual OEM part numbers and we are able to support portable air compressors, generators and light towers built over thirty years ago.  Much of the information you need to fully support your portable air compressors, generators and light towers please contact us for more information.


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